Feeling depressed? Switch to the Mediterranean diet

Feeling depressed? Switch to the Mediterranean diet фото

The Mediterranean diet is good for health in many ways, but a recent study also showed that it could prevent depression.

The results of the study were published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry. This diet lowers the risk of depression thanks to its main ingredients. Rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts and fish, the Mediterranean diet lowers the risk of being diagnosed with depression, compared to people who were least likely to follow these eating habits, by 33 percent.

Also, diets low in saturated fats, sugar and processed food were linked with a 24 percent reduced risk of developing depression over the next five to 12 years.

It has already been proven that people who consume foods high in inflammatory substances, such as processed meats, trans fats and alcohol, are more likely to get depressive thoughts.

Based on their analysis, researchers found that several factors causing damage to the brain, such as oxidative stress, insulin resistance and inflammation, can be controlled by a person's diet. These factors also show a link with depression, according to the study.

Previous studies showed that the Mediterranean diet reduces the risks of heart diseases as well as type 2 diabetes, high blood sugar and high cholesterol. In addition, the Mediterranean diet helps a person's chances to live longer and stay fit