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About us

Buying property abroad is a responsible and very exciting step. 
How to ensure the correct and comprehensively verified approach to the choice of housing, the safety and liquidity of investments, the impeccable preparation of documentation for the transaction and its implementation in full compliance with all legal and financial subtleties? How to organize housewarming, arrangement and accelerate adaptation to a new society, mentality, traditions? 
These and other questions arise for every buyer of Turkish real estate. All that is necessary for a prompt, high-quality solution to any issues is to enlist the full support and comprehensive assistance of real professionals.

Liga Real Estate, a licensed real estate agency in Turkey, is a dynamic, well-coordinated team of professionals from around the world.
Our employees are fluent in Russian, Turkish, Kazakh, Ukrainian, English, Bosnian, Lithuanian and Swedish.

Liga Real Estate stands for transparent business rules. 
The Turkish site for the property sale Liga Real Estate works honestly and fairly in relation to all market players, initiators and participants in the process of buying a home: first of all, to buyers, colleagues, agents, as well as developers and owners. That is why we have an impeccable reputation, trust, extremely positive feedback and positive recommendations from our customers and business partners. 
Established business contacts based on mutually beneficial cooperation and the right approach to partnerships make it possible to offer you: 

  • exclusive terms of sale from the largest construction companies;
  • the best prices and terms of purchase for many residential and commercial properties;
  • high level of security of any financial transactions.

The best result is dozens of letters of thanks from our customers. 
We are already 6 years old and we are used to measuring not by the number of working days, but by hundreds of grateful new property owners. Each fully satisfied customer is an indicator that time was spent with real benefit for the benefit of people and the realization of their aspirations for a better life. 
We do not see the need to add extra years of activity to our company to give “solidity”. 
The main achievement is not the number of years afloat in business, but as the work done by employees, always a brilliant result based on respect, a good understanding of needs and an individual approach to the client.

Our buyers have been convinced of the exclusivity of the offered advantages more than once by turning to other real estate companies and even directly to developers. 
If you have a dream - to become the owner of comfortable, luxurious apartments or profitable commercial property in the sunny, welcoming Turkish Republic, we are ready to provide comprehensive assistance at all stages of cooperation. Our Turkish real estate site is at your service! 
A new life in a new place is always interesting, in addition, with Liga Real Estate, it is very simple, comfortable, interesting and as quick as possible to solve any issues related to the purchase of housing, as well as the arrangement and adaptation process!

The principles and values of Liga Real Estate


Honesty and openness are privileges based on experience that only strong and confident professionals can afford. We will not say what you might like to hear, we will not embellish or hush up the facts, give empty promises, unverified recommendations. We relate to work so that over the years our customers do not regret for a second about choosing an agent and housing purchased through our company.



We understand that choosing Liga Real Estate agency, you fully trust our qualifications, knowledge and practice, expect a competent solution to all emerging issues and enlist our full support. Therefore, we are responsible for every step in the process of purchasing a property and we always do everything possible and impossible for you to receive real estate services of the highest quality.

The excellent reputation

As you know, one who is honest with himself and other people, is sleeping calmly. A good reputation is the key quality and the result of excellent work, which gives us confidence that among the huge number of agencies in the real estate market in Turkey, OUR clients will choose us without any doubt. Customer confidence is an incentive that motivates the entire team to achieve the pinnacles of success.

Full commitment

We believe that the priority task of any business is work, first of all, for people. When the managers and employees of the company set a goal: to do everything possible to help a person get the expected maximum, the whole concept of labor activity changes. The result of such dedication is always satisfied customers and an excellent financial result for all participants in the business process.

Experience and achievements

4 years of successful work

Liga Real Estate is a family business, created by a Russian-Turkish couple in 2015. Thanks to the combination of living experience, deep knowledge of Turkey and the unique Slavic mentality, we know exactly what our customers want and what they are looking for.

More than 1000 customers

It is so many people of different nationalities, of different incomes and with different wishes who have become happy owners of high-quality comfortable housing in popular regions - not only in Alanya, but also in Antalya, Istanbul and other parts of Turkey. We also have successful cases of obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Turkey by clients under the citizenship for investment program.

20 partners and representatives

Liga Real Estate agency in the process has secured the support of various companies and is constantly expanding the scope of mutually beneficial cooperation. Therefore, today we already have the opportunity to provide our services through partners around the world for maximum convenience and customer access to quality real estate.

Support for developers and government

Over the years of active work, the company has established business relations with the largest developers of the country, local organizations and government. In this regard, we can confidently offer our customers the best terms of sale - including the best prices, favorable mortgage lending, extended installments, and quick processing of securities.

Protective agreement

The lawyers of the agency prepared the most comprehensive and protecting all rights of foreign buyers property purchase and sale agreement. You will not find such a justified, well-thought-out document in any real estate company. You can verify this yourself by contacting our company for help.

Why us?

Analysis of the quality and reliability of housing

There is a significant difference between ordinary housing and quality real estate in Turkey. In the first case, we are talking about square meters, as a territory for living. In the second - about a comfortable, thoughtful, satisfying in all respects housing, where you can completely relax and unwind. 
For us, as professionals, it is important that the buyer receives exactly what he expects. We fulfill our obligations in conscientious customer service based on the main principle: careful selection and thorough inspection of each residential or commercial property before entering it into the catalog. The quality of construction, location, the availability of all necessary documents from the developer or owner are the main parameters that are analyzed by the company's employees.

Large selection of properties

We always have exclusive offers for any customer needs: luxury villas on the coast of the resort regions of Alanya, Antalya, affordable apartments in cozy residential complexes, comfortable apartments in business metropolitan areas, secluded cottages in picturesque bays and much more. 
The main advantage is the established relationship with the best developers of the country, as well as the most relevant, extensive catalog of exclusive objects on the pages of our site.

Exclusive terms of sale

Liga Real Estate has permanent agreements on exclusive terms of sale with the largest developer organizations in Turkey, therefore, it can guarantee to every buyer the BEST PRICES and TERMS OF PURCHASE for most of the real estate. 
Many of our customers have seen this from their own experience, turning to other companies and directly to the developer.

Best service guaranteed

Liga Real Estate is an officially registered company. Both employees and top management have been living and working in the resort town of Alanya for many years. Therefore, if you have any questions, we are always in touch and ready for action. 
We value the priceless reputation of a reliable and trusted real estate agency and are ready, not in words, but in fact to confirm it, concluding every new successful transaction.

Professional team

Our staff is responsible professionals with extensive experience in the field of tourism and real estate. International leadership is one of our main strengths. 
Punctuality, responsibility, the ability to conduct business negotiations subtly gives us the opportunity to get the best conditions for making a purchase, as well as save the most important thing - your time and money.

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