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Main Service Documentation Procedure

The most important stage of any large purchase is its registration.


This is the most important part of purchase, which often worries future owners, especially those who buy foreign property for the first time.

So what is a contract and what should you pay attention to, so that in the future your new home will bring only joy and minimum of hassle:

Signing the purchase and sale contract

You have chosen your dream apartment, viewed the project, asked the construction about the nuances of the object, when the project will be completed, who is the owner of the land or housing and will transfer this object to the property, what is included in the price, and what you can include for extra payment (how much).


The initial payment, payment details are agreed – you and the developer have agreed everything, what now? And now all the spoken words must be written on paper, in the contract of sale.


Did you get a discount? This means that the "cost" section must contain the amount including the discount.


Did you get a TV, air conditioning or furniture as a gift? The developer must enter the gifts in the official documents. Usually participants put their signatures on every page of the contract of sale, but not just on the last page under the "signatures" column. This means that each page of the document is legal.

Registration of the main document of owner-TAPU

The TAPU specifies:

•  cadastral number where the building is located;
• property type;
• building;
• the number of  apartment or house;
• information about the seller and buyer;
• photos of all owners and indication of their parts;
•  cadastral price of the object.
Don't worry, the cadastral price is usually 2 times lower than the market price and is written in the currency of the Republic of Turkey – Turkish Lira. This is a calculation of the value of the land divided by the square of Your apartment.


What are the advantages for the owner?

The annual real estate tax is calculated from the cadastral price. Therefore, the lower it is, the lower the tax. Taxes are small, so paying for housing in Turkey is cheap. When you receive a TAPU, you must be accompanied by sworn translator who explains and takes your confirmation about the object. If everything is correct, you and the real owner (the developer, if the building is new or a private person, if it's a secondary sale) put their signatures in the cadastral book and get TAPU on hand. Almost like registering a marriage

The registration of technical passport and counters

For you to receive monthly invoices, you need to issue a technical passport and transfer the metering devices to your name. Technical passport or Iskan is the second most important document after TAPU for property owners. It is issued by the state municipality of the place of residence.

After the TAPU application and payment of fees, Iskan is handed over to the new owner during 5-7 days, after which you can register meters: electricity - in the energy company Tedas, water-in the ASAT

The company together with clients at every stage of registration

If you don't have the time or desire to go to the instances, in this case, you can in presence of a sworn translator draw up a notarized power of attorney for a manager of our agency, who will do everything. You can immediately do pleasant things - creating the comfort of your new home in Turkey.

Kama Kurbanova

Deputy Executive Director

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