Liga Real Estate Turizm Ticaret Emlak İnş.İhr. LTD.ŞT was founded in 2015 by the Russian-Turkish married couple Bahir and Ksenia Balci. Our first employee is Kurbanova Kama. 
It was with such a small team that we began work on the creation of the site, the search for high-quality and investment-profitable objects, establishing contacts with developers, sellers, local government agencies, banks. 
Today, our team consists of 10 experienced sales managers - professionals in their field, each of whom has his own specialization and speaks different languages ​​for the convenience of communicating with customers. We understand how important it is to have a reliable partner in the process of finding housing, therefore, as agency leaders, we are always at your service and together with employees we work for the benefit of customers.

фото Kseniya Balci

Kseniya Balci

Sales director

russian, turkish, english

фото Bahir Balci

Bahir Balci

фото Kalbinur Paltusheva

Kalbinur Paltusheva

Rental manager

russian, english, swedish

фото Svetlana Kalashnikova

Svetlana Kalashnikova

фото Mirza Seferovic

Mirza Seferovic

Partner/ Regional sales manager

bosnian, english

фото Nana Karavelic

Nana Karavelic

Sales manager

bosnian, english, turkish

фото Nadya Bova

Nadya Bova

фото Mariya Basharina

Mariya Basharina

Liga Real Estate doesn’t just sell Turkish real estate. Here, dreams of an impeccable life abroad are realized. 
Our agents care about you, not the seller, making every effort to provide comprehensive assistance when buying property and moving to Turkey, obtaining the most favorable conditions for the acquisition and accommodation. Sales managers, financial experts, experienced lawyers, after-sales service specialists are at your service 24 hours a day.

We are confident that our professional help will help you make the right choice and make your future the way you want to see it!