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Liga Real Estate works with real estate agents around the world. We understand that the agent is the most important assistant to the client, a win-win advertisement and a reliable support for the buyer on its territory. Therefore, we value mutually beneficial, trusting partnerships with agents and conduct excellent work, giving your client maximum attention and care. 
Over the years, we have been trusted by more than 100 foreign partners. Agency contracts were also signed with us by those who previously had unsuccessful experience of cooperation with colleagues from Turkey.

Why is working with us reliable, safe and profitable?

  • We immediately respond to your request, so you do not force the client to wait for the provision of real estate options, as is the case with other foreign real estate agencies;;
  • We work honestly and transparently, informing you about every step of interaction with your potential buyer;;
  • We immediately pay the client fee in full as soon as the transaction is completed and payment is received from the client;;
  • We offer an inspection trip to our most active agents so that you can more informatively provide information to applicants at the initial application.;

Our partner

Партнер Chamber of commerce in Alanya

Chamber of commerce in Alanya

Партнер The biggest developer "Konak Construction"

The biggest developer "Konak Construction"

Партнер Investment Construction Company "KurtSafir"

Investment Construction Company "KurtSafir"

Партнер Bank "Garanti"

Bank "Garanti"

Партнер Bank "Al Baraka"

Bank "Al Baraka"

Партнер Bank "KuveytTurk"

Bank "KuveytTurk"

Партнер Furniture store "Bilal Mobilya"

Furniture store "Bilal Mobilya"

Партнер Furniture store "Konfor"

Furniture store "Konfor"

Партнер Furniture store "EVZEN"

Furniture store "EVZEN"

Партнер Restaurant "EV"

Restaurant "EV"

Liga Real Estate is always open for cooperation

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