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Full confidence that buying property in Turkey will be easy, profitable, successful and safe — this is what our potential customers want.
Full confidence that buying property in Turkey will be easy, profitable, successful and safe — this is what our potential customers want.
When purchasing a home in Alanya, Antalya, Istanbul or other administrative regions, resorts and cities from Liga Real Estate, you can be sure of our support and the ability to order a full list of services — from selecting objects, making a final decision to signing of contract and housewarming.

Managers of Liga Real Estate will be with you at all stages of the purchase!

Purchase procedure

The purchase procedure is certainly important and responsible process, and with our professional agency it is also interesting process that makes it possible to make sure that property and company you choose are correct.

Is it possible to buy liquid housing abroad in a few days and become its full owner?

We are sure to say yes, because we know all the nuances of buying real estate and know how to solve any problem related to the selection of objects, preparing a contract that protects the interests of the client, preparing financial and legal documentation, and official documents on ownership.

The procedure of registration of documents

Any large purchase is that what very often excites potential buyers, especially those who have decided to invest their capital in Turkish real estate for the first time.

Buying real estate abroad is a business that needs care and maximum responsibility at all stages of process: from signing the contract to TAPU and technical passport.

We guarantee clarity and openness of all information, professional assistance and recommendations before each step, assistance and explanations, which guarantees the security and liquidity of deal.

Aftersales service

Staying in unfamiliar country alone with the hassle of moving and settling in new apartment is a dubious pleasure, despite all the charms of the southern sea climate, nature, and the European level of service in Turkey.
After all, you will need to understand a thousand and one questions, solve problems, choose furniture stores, white goods, office equipment, textiles, tableware, determine the level of cost, quality, payment and delivery options, book  cleaning and all this is not in your native language. In this case, the expected pleasant picture of a housewarming party may be pushed back for an indefinite time, and the settling will turn into a complex and hard process.
Liga Real Estate company is ready to offer assistance in aftersales service to all owners of property purchased from us. It is easy to join a new life with us!

Residence permit in the Republic of Turkey

The practice of last years is the decision of many foreign buyers to become a full citizen of the Republic of Turkey after purchasing property, to relax, study, work, develop, and use a variety of public services and benefits.

If you decide to move to Turkey, want to change, diversify your life, and bring fresh perspectives to your development, Liga Real Estate is ready to help you with the registration of residence permit and citizenship.


Mortgage for foreign citizens in Turkey have been a popular way to purchase property for many years. But, recently, due from high in interest rates, this option is not so attractive, as it is overpayments to Turkish banks.
For today we don't consider credit the most successful way to buy real estate and recommend that you take a credit only for small amounts that are not enough for a full payment for the object. Liga Real Estate company is ready to provide helping in taking credit and give current recommendations on the most profitable credit option.

Real estate for rent in Turkey

Renting real estate abroad is a responsible business and in the absence of experience it is quite difficult. It is necessary to find not only the appropriate apartments but also to get acquainted with all the issues that are associated with renting real estate in Turkey.
The specialists of Liga Real Estate are always ready to find a rental property for you for any period of time in a convenient area taking into account all your wishes. We check the object prepare all the documents and monitor the legality of the transaction. We work with a client exclusively under a rental contract which guarantees a responsible approach and the fulfillment of all obligations to you.

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