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Nice things are when help you with everything, take you by car to different furniture and white goods stores, explain the advantages of different models of a dishwasher or TV, offer beautiful things and accessories, and you just point your finger at the items you like, put your signature on the order form and wait for  delivery, and FREE installation of all purchases in your home by the sea.

This is what it looks like if you buying property with Liga Real Estate!

What should I do if I don't have the time and desire to take extra care?

Give them to us!

We will minimize any difficulties and will accompany you during the first time of adaptation in your new home. Moreover if you are not able to personally attend the signing of documents in the cadastral office, energy, water companies and other organizations, just leave a notarized power of attorney for the documents in your name to the manager of our agency.

The power of attorney is issued in Turkish at the notary office in the presence of a sworn translator who will explain everything, after which the managers of Liga Help will issue all the documents and send them to Your home address by DHL, or give them to you personally when you arrive

Purchase of furniture

We cooperate with the best furniture and white goods stores in Alanya and guarantee not only high-quality service, but also pleasant prices for our clients. Among our partners there are both economy-class trading platforms and premium furniture salons made of natural materials. Moreover, we have strong business contacts with large furniture factories that will make any room, even the most non-standard, super-practical and at the same time save space as much as possible. Here they make really ANY products to order.


Furniture is the number one in the Turkish industry, so we promise:
• many finishing materials
• high quality
• the original model
• optimal cost.

The purchase of white goods

Turkey is one of the world's largest suppliers of white goods. The founder of the brand "Arçelik" produces high-quality electrical appliances since 1955, and today the company has hundreds of representative offices around the world, also produces all types of electrical products for household purposes of energy-saving class A++.


Their company "BEKO" also succeeds in the local and global markets, and the youngest company Vestel, recently supported directly by the President of the Republic of Turkey, can present the most original product designs, releasing a retro line, models of various colors and even smartphones. These three brands are famous not only for high quality, long service life, fast delivery and pleasant prices compared to similar products of European companies (Siemens, Bosch, Miele, etc.), but also for high-quality service. By the way ,the "daughters" of famous European companies are also present here – the manufacturer Profilo is part of the Bosch Siemens Group.


But customers of our real estate agency in Turkey always have a choice! As part of the after-sales service that is provided to all customers, no matter what the cost of the purchased property, we will accompany you to any store in Alanya that you choose.


And in parallel with the process of registration of real estate, we can:


Make a deal from start to finish. Assist in the execution of formalities related to purchase and sale, translation services, and lawyer services.


Help with a loan for the amount that is not enough to buy a home, opening a bank account, and other financial procedures.


Be in constant contact with the developer, monitor and inform our clients about the construction stages.


Make a good renovation of your private property by the sea with all your wishes and needs.


Book a comfortable hotel for the period of preparation of your apartments for housewarming.


Recommend a reliable insurance company and help with registering a private property insurance policy.


Provide assistance if you need to purchase or rent a car.


Assist in the medical insurance that is the main for taking a residence permit in Turkey.


Carefully choose good educational institutions for children and language courses for adults.


To assist in the delivery of property in the rental for profit legal owners.


Organize cleaning of the apartment or house before the arrival of owner or conduct a seasonal high-quality general cleaning.


Monitor the apartment and pay for all utilities while the owner is not here

We try to maintain and strengthen the positive image of the agency in the eyes of all our clients and protect our good reputation.

Our experience will allow you to avoid many problems in life abroad. You can be sure of long cooperation in the face of the team and contact us on any question.

We know very well what the time of adaptation in a new country is and we will be happy to help you get through this period faster and minimize all your everyday worries and troubles

Kama Kurbanova

Deputy Executive Director

English, Russian

Any questions about aftersales service?

Get answer from our manager!

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