Liga Real Estate — Faq—


I want to buy an apartment and rent it out in my absence, is it possible?

When you ask about the rent of the apartment you are planning to purchase, we always advise putting yourself in the place of a potential tenant: would you like to spend your well-deserved, long-awaited vacation in such an apartment? For example, you purchased an apartment in a complex under construction in Kargicak. As a tenant, you will note a small area of ​​the apartment and a considerable distance from the sea - 1.8 km on foot to the sea in the sun in the summer turn into 5 km, and this is not a good option for older people or families with small children.  The second option is a budget secondary apartment in a Turkish old house. It seems to be not far from the sea, 200 - 400 meters, but no infrastructure, an external pool is not maintained, noisy neighbors, the condition of the apartment, appliances and furniture in it is also far from new. Of course, there is an undemanding tenant, but it’s hard to count on a large rental income.

I liked the apartment you offered me to rent. My next steps?

If everything suits you, we will send you a rental agreement by e-mail. To book an apartment you pay 30% of the rental price. Payment is made in any way convenient for you - through money transfer systems (WesternUnion) or to our agency’s bank account. 

When moving in, a separate deposit of 50% of the rental price is made in case of possible damage to the property, which is returned in the absence of problems with the property on the day of departure.

When leaving, cleaning is additionally paid, and water and electricity.

About tansfer: we can arrange for you a transfer from Antalya Airport - individual (60 €, passenger car) or general (10 € per person). You can also order a transfer yourself: for example, on the website In this case, you pay the driver, the transfer price is about 70 lira per person from Antalya to Alanya. 

Our employee will meet you at the complex (the driver will bring you directly to its), check in, check the internet connection, pay with you and give the keys. A prerequisite - in our apartments do not smoke.

Can I find a work in Alanya?

First of all you need to understand what you would like to do. 

The main directions are:

  • real estate (real estate sales manager)
  • tourism (organization of excursions, reception at the hotel)
  • restaurant business (waiters, cooks, administrators)
  • service industry (hairdressers, manicure pedicure, eyelash extension, massage, administrators in beauty salons and more)
  • sales area (consultant in textile stores, sovereign products, etc.)
  • transport companies

Less popular and one-time income:

  • repair work from the category "husband for an hour"
  • various types of work at home (food production as well as souvenir production)

I want to buy an apartment for 40,000 € and rent it out, do you guarantee an income of 15-20%

We will be able to find an apartment in your budget but unfortunately it is not possible to guarantee a profitable rental and the availability of luxury infrastructure according to your budget.

An apartment worth 40 000 euros per season will bring you about 400 euros per month or a maximum of 30 euros per day. In winter, the price can be halved. The main advantages for successfully renting out an apartment are: luxury infrastructure, close to the sea and social urban infrastructure, view from the windows.

No one real estate agency in our region can promise you a guaranteed income of 15-20%. If you suddenly receive such a tempting offer, then know that you are communicating with incompetent people or even scammers. Remember, any guarantee must be spelled out in the contract of sale and certified by the seal of the company, otherwise it is an empty promise that hardly anyone will fulfill.

How to buy an apartment in installments?

Developers offer interest-free installments on various conditions, that depend directly on the cost of the property, the amount of the initial payment and the stage of construction of the complex. The initial payment is at least 30% of the cost of the apartment, installment period from six months to 3 years. Buying an apartment at the very early stage of construction gives you the opportunity to get the most favorable installment conditions.

What kind of apartment I can buy for 25 000€?

Let's see what you can find for this money? If we are talking about an apartment with 2 bedrooms, then most likely it will be an apartment in a very old house built using old building technologies. For 25 000€, you can find a small studio apartment in a house under construction with infrastructure, but you have to walk 700-1000m to the sea. You should be alarmed by the announcements of budget new apartments or 3D photos of a new complex with apartments of 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 layouts, because such objects in 90% of cases do not have a building permit (ISKAN), which in Turkey, as well as in other countries of the world, the most important document of real estate. Or as an option sold apartment, or simply non-existent.

If you have the opportunity to raise your budget, we can offer you real estate from developers in installments, so you can buy a quality good apartment without hitting the budget, gradually paying the cost of the apartment.

I have 10 000$, I want to buy an apartment on credit, can you help me?

We can absolutly help you with a loan. If this is the entire amount available to you, then the loan, will also be given to you for 10 000 $ (it is given for half the cost of the apartment, for 5 years and at 12%). So, the cost of your chosen propety will be slightly less than 18,000 €. Believe to us, it is unlikely that you would even want to go into those apartments that are offered for such amounts.

Therefore, in such a situation, you need to increase the initial payment and consider the option of new propety under construction - in this case you can take advantage of free installments payment for 12-24 months offered by the developer. And in some cases, developers are even willing to increase installments for our customers.

Prices for budget options for property under construction, even from premium developers, start at just € 27,000.

What guarantees does the buyer receive if the developer does not finish the construction?

Despite the fixed deadline for the delivery of the property, if the transfer is delayed for reasonable reasons confirmed by the company (seller), the Seller will be granted an additional period of 1 (one) month, without penalty.

If the Seller, in the absence of the above reasons and force majeure, does not provide the apartment on time, then he undertakes to pay the buyer the rent for the delay period or provide housing for living for this period.

In cases where the delay is caused by force majeure, the above obligations are void. The seller has the right not to pay compensation. 

Force majeure circumstances include natural disasters, general epidemics, partial or general mobilization announcements, and legal restrictions on construction. The period from the date of the occurrence of force majeure circumstances to the date of their completion is added to the transfer date. The Seller must notify the Buyer of the indicated force majeure circumstances.

If the seller decides not to sell the aforementioned apartment to the Buyer, or not to complete the building without good reason, then it is obliged to return to the Buyer the amount received from the Buyer in full on the basis of payment receipts, which the Seller is obliged to issue with each payment. In addition, the Seller is obliged to pay an additional 10% of the amount paid by him, as a penalty, which is always prescribed in the contract of sale.