Celebrating Women's Day in Istanbul

Celebrating Women's Day in Istanbul фото

All over the world, the importance and rights of women will be celebrated this Friday on International Women's Day. In Turkey, this day is celebrated big time with all sorts of events and activities. Whether you want to listen to successful women share their stories, walk for a good cause or party the night away, there is something for everyone to have some fun and to celebrate this wonderful day devoted to women.'Women in the Spotlight'

On Friday, March 8, the French association Istanbul Accueil will be organizing a charity event in honor of International Women's Day held at Fransız Lape Hastanesi in Şişli. This full day and night event, which will also have a focus on organizations aiding the displaced and less fortunate, will have two conferences in English, a fashion show, a cocktail party and gift stands set up. Starting at 9:30 a.m., there will be an exhibition of handmade arts and crafts and wellness products geared toward women and opportunities to discover expat and refugee artisans. The first conference of the day, "Empowering Women: Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs Stories," will begin at 10:15 a.m. and will feature the following speakers: Sandrine Ramboux from Jana Impact, Izabela Erşahin from Bebemoss, Shahla Raza from the Yusra Community Center and Zeynep Kurmus Hurbas of Kadın Kadına Mülteci Mutfağı. The second conference will be an "Introduction to Mindfullness," which will be led by Selin Ilgaz of mindful Istanbul and begin at 11:30 a.m.

In the evening, starting at 8 p.m., there will be both a fashion show and cocktail party. The fashion show will feature female fashion designers, including Goja, Miniko 2nd hand, Samsara, preloved, Byzeyn, Zek Tasarım and Bohcha Bags, and there will also be the opportunity to purchase items showcased. All funds from the event will be donated to two associations that aid women, namely Mor Çatı and the Yusra Community Center.

International Women's Day Special

On the evening of Friday, March 8, Yabangee will be teaming up with Los Altos to host a very special International Women's Day edition of La Señorita, a popular party series that takes place at this wonderful Mexican restaurant in Beyoğlu. Yabangee is a volunteer-driven website and platform for foreigners in the city, while Los Altos is the city's leading upscale Mexican restaurant that also boasts fantastic views. On this special evening, which begins at 10 p.m., there will be the DJ Trio Soul Sisters and a live clarinet performance by Kamucan Yalçın of the popular oriental blues band Luxus. A special feature of the "La Señorita" parties; ladies enter for free and can register to take part in free cocktail workshops, while entrance for males is TL 25.