9,000-year-old seal discovered in southern Turkey

9,000-year-old seal discovered in southern Turkey фото

Ancient seal dating back to some 9,000 years ago was unearthed at a mound in southern coastal city of Mersin.

The seal -- belonging to 7,000 B.C. -- was uncovered in excavations at Yumuktepe Hoyuk, located four kilometers west of the city center.

During the two-and-a half month excavations in the mound, the team of 25 -- led by Isabella Caneva, an archeology professor at Italy’s Lecce University -- discovered an arrow head belonging the Neotlithic era and scores of sling stones, as well.

“We found a seal which belongs to 9,000 years ago. Seal means private property. There are geometric patterns on it," Caneva said.

“The obsidian arrowhead which belongs to the Neolithic period was removed and a large number of sling stones which were used for counting the calcolitic layer with a geometric pattern seal were discovered,” she said.

The team acquired precious and useful information about the region's history during the excavation, she added.