Liga Real Estate — Faq—

About life in Turkey

I liked the apartment you offered me to rent. My next steps?

If everything suits you, we will send you a rental agreement by e-mail. To book an apartment you pay 30% of the rental price. Payment is made in any way convenient for you - through money transfer systems (WesternUnion) or to our agency’s bank account. 

When moving in, a separate deposit of 50% of the rental price is made in case of possible damage to the property, which is returned in the absence of problems with the property on the day of departure.

When leaving, cleaning is additionally paid, and water and electricity.

About tansfer: we can arrange for you a transfer from Antalya Airport - individual (60 €, passenger car) or general (10 € per person). You can also order a transfer yourself: for example, on the website In this case, you pay the driver, the transfer price is about 70 lira per person from Antalya to Alanya. 

Our employee will meet you at the complex (the driver will bring you directly to its), check in, check the internet connection, pay with you and give the keys. A prerequisite - in our apartments do not smoke.

Can I find a work in Alanya?

First of all you need to understand what you would like to do. 

The main directions are:

  • real estate (real estate sales manager)
  • tourism (organization of excursions, reception at the hotel)
  • restaurant business (waiters, cooks, administrators)
  • service industry (hairdressers, manicure pedicure, eyelash extension, massage, administrators in beauty salons and more)
  • sales area (consultant in textile stores, sovereign products, etc.)
  • transport companies

Less popular and one-time income:

  • repair work from the category "husband for an hour"
  • various types of work at home (food production as well as souvenir production)