Bar Works, Inc. is a U.S. registered corporation that is rolling out its Bar Works co-working space brand both nationally and internationally. 
Bar Works, Inc. offers a limited number of work spaces to investors for 10 years lease in New York and Miami and pays a monthly fixed rent to the investor. In addition there is a buy back option from the company at a 25% premium. 

At the end of the lease period the investor can renew the lease or receive a reversionary interest which is equivalent to their original investment.

One workspace cost is 25,000 USD and guaranteed rental income is 14-16% per year NET. 


 Whatever nickname you might have for Las Vegas – Sin City, City of Lights or The World Capital of Entertainment – this is undoubtedly a place where Bar Works needs to be.

Las Vegas attracts well over 40 million visitors a year, for business and leisure, and has a resident population of around 2.1 million people across the Clark County metropolitan area. Furthermore, Vegas hosts more than 20,000 business conventions each year. In 2015 the number was 21,306 attracting almost 5.9 million delegates.
Bar Works@Las Vegas is a former retail unit on a corner site in the heart of the city in the ‘Arts District’ providing 5,000 square feet of ground floor space with a full corner store front and high ceilings. We are also installing a 1,500 square feet mezzanine to provide additional space for work stations and meeting rooms.
There will be 300 full-time work spaces in addition to our new corporate members, the Pure Green concession and its own food and drinks service.
Investments start at $25,000 for a 10-year lease on workspace units on a fixed rental which pays returns of 14% - 16% per annum. Investors will receive their income monthly with their first payment made within 14 days from their investment.




? Guaranteed returns up to 16% in USD, payable monthly from point of investment – i.e., first income payments received 14 days from start of investment

? Rents payable to investors will rise in line with increased gross rentals achieved for Full and Permanent Members at the venue

? If Company’s buyout clause is activated, a purchase price 25.000 USD per unit + 25% bonus is payable back to investor

? All legal and administrative costs included in the purchase price

?? Easy exit strategy - you can terminate a contract after two years and get your money back + bonus.

? Participation in and income from one of the world’s fastest growing real estate sub sectors


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