Purchase procedure

How is it possible to come to Turkey for 3-4 days and come back home as the apartment owner? At first view it seems unlikely. But let us explain you the whole procedure of the purchase and registration of real estate to property.

So, you arrive to Turkey for the INSPECTION TRIP with the company Liga Real Estate, you bought tickets or independed travel tour to Alanya. English speaking manager of our company meet you in airport and after show you options which you previously choosed together, as well as an alternative options, until you choose apartment or house of your dream. Usually it takes 1-2 days, on the  second day it is possible to discuss about purchaising condition, and sign the contract of sale. Contract is made up in Turkish and English languages, contract include information about Seller and Buyer, described in detail schedule of installments, the rights and obligations of the parties, the terms of the object transferring,  white goods, furniture, infrastructure facilities of residential complex, penalties for parties in the cases of violation contract conditions and etc. In the case when full value of the property is paid for, the Liga Real Estate specialist submits an application for a TAPU (certificate of ownership) in your name to the cadastral office. Usually, it takes 1-2 business days from submitting an application to receiving the main document of the property owner in Turkey. Immediately after receiving the TAPU, individual electricity and water meters are registred in your name, it takes 2-3 hours, not more.

In the case of a mortgage loan, you need to select 7-10 working days from your schedule, since it takes 4-5 working days from the time of submission to the application (maybe a little more if, for example, you have to challenge the expert value if it turned out to be lower than expected), then an application for registration of a TAPU is submitted (an encumbrance will be imposed on it until the loan is fully repaid).

Specialists of Liga Real Estate go with you at all deal stages, make full package of necessary documents, while you are just pleaser of bought from the choice moment till signing contract

* TAPU for a foreign citizen (non-citizen of the Republic of Turkey) is absolutely similar to a document issued to Turkish citizens on the same rights (inheritance, transfer and resale to third parties, ownership of a piece of land intended for this property, non-urgent property ownership).

** In the case of a mortgage loan, the removal of the encumbrance from the TAPU takes 3-5 business days after receiving the certificate of full repayment of the debt in the bank.

Our team
Irina Krylova
Sales Manager
Languages: Russian, English
Bahir Baldzhi
general manager/owner
Languages: Turkish, English, Russian
Kseniya Baldzhi
sales director
Languages: English, Turkish, Russian
Mirza Seferovic
Partner/ Regional sale manager
Languages: Bosnian, Lithuanian, Polish, English
Kama Kurbanova
sales manager and residence permission manager
Languages: Turkish, Russian
Marina Rastrusnaya
Sales Manager
Languages: Russian, English and Turkish
Zehra Karababa
Languages: Turkish
Hikmet Sırkıntı
Languages: Turkish
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