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Lara district in Antalya is one of the most prestigious places in which expensive hotels and hotels with the first-class service are located. The real estate in Lara is represented by low-rise residential complexes of the luxury class. All hotels and complexes are located on three lines of remoteness from the sea. Recently, an international competition of sand cultures began to be held in Lara, which is a grandiose event.

Lara is located 12 km east of the center of Antalya, 8 km from the airport. The eponymous sandy beach stretches for 12 kilometers east of the Düden Şelalesi waterfall. The farther to the east you go, the better the sand. The city beach has free entrance. Summer here is dry and warm, and the winter is mild and rainy, in the summer months, precipitation is a rarity. To the east of Lara beach, the Duden River flows into the sea forming the Lower Düden waterfall. A powerful stream of water collapses into the Mediterranean Sea from a high cliff. This magnificent spectacle can be admired for hours.

And upstream in a small park area, the other waterfall, Upper Düden, enchants tourists with its beauty. To contemplate the flow of flowing water is convenient from cozy cafes located nearby. If desired, you can even walk behind the wall of water. Lara is located in close proximity to Antalya, which means that the attractions of the main resort of Turkey are available to Lara's guests.
Aquapark "Aqualand" is waiting for fans to ride on the water slides in the open air. And a large floating night club Meds invites all who wish to have fun on board. Lara Kent Park is another local attraction that deserves the attention of those people who like leisurely, relaxing walks in the evenings.