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Luxurious investment project in Istanbul with a view of the lake
Property ID:
City area:
1+0, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1
from 61 m2
Price from: 210 900 €
239 604 USD
6 825 254 UAH
15 722 214 RUB
90 579 780 KZT
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Luxury villas in Istanbul with the "Smart House"
Property ID:
City area:
2+1, 3+1
from 182 m2
Price from: 715 743 €
813 156 USD
23 163 244 UAH
53 357 351 RUB
307 405 626 KZT
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Apartments and villas from the developer in a luxury class complex on the first coastline in Istanbul
Apartments and villas from the developer in a luxury class complex on the first coastline in Istanbul
Property ID:
City area:
1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+2
from 50 m2
Price from: 102 000 €
115 882 USD
3 300 976 UAH
7 603 916 RUB
43 808 144 KZT
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Apartments in a finished complex at an affordable price in Istanbul
Apartments in a finished complex at an affordable price in Istanbul
Property ID:
City area:
1+1, 2+1, 3+1
from 73 m2
Price from: 44 000 €
49 988 USD
1 423 951 UAH
3 280 121 RUB
18 897 631 KZT
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Istanbul, a fascinating city built on two Continents, divided by the Bosphorus Strait. This is one of the greatest cities in the world where you can see a modern western city combined with a traditional eastern city, it's a melting pot of many civilizations and different people. Istanbul was also announced by the European Union as the 2010 European Capital of Culture. 

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and the heart of the country. It is also one of the largest agglomerations in Europe and the fifth largest city in the world in terms of population within city limits. Interestingly, Istanbul is a transcontinental city as it is located on the Bosphorus waterway in northwest Turkey between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. This means the commercial center is in Europe while the rest of the city is in Asia. In 2016, Istanbul has an estimated population of over 14.6 million.

Istanbul has grown very rapidly over the past one hundred years, although it has always had a large population. Istanbul has remained one of the largest cities in the world for most of its long history. In fact, Istanbul (then Constantinople) had a population between 400,000 and 500,000 in 500 AD, pushing out Rome as the largest ever city in the world at the time.

Istanbul has a very large area, which makes it one of the five most populous world cities, but its metropolitan area does not even rank in the top fifteen, as the metro area is nearly equivalent to the city proper.

Istanbul has a population density of 2,523 people per square kilometer (6,530/sq mi), far greater than Turkey's density of 102 people per square kilometer. The most densely populated areas are the southwest, west and northwest of the city center as well as the European side, while the most densely populated district is the Asian side, Uskudar.


  • In the catalog of our site, there is an opportunity to search for various apartments, the sale of which was launched recently. Here you can choose fresh offers in new buildings on the beach. In modern, stylish residential complexes you can buy an apartment, both for 1 room and a more solid area, for 3 or 4 separate rooms. Their cost varies from the parameters; the approximate values are indicated separately for each project.
  • At an affordable price, real estate in Istanbul will be sold from the secondary market from immediate homeowners. Pay attention, it is quite cheap to buy even furnished apartments, which is a profitable and successful way to save on the situation. Such proposals can be especially interesting for those who are going to acquire a living space in Istanbul for a period of stay: for example, during a vacation. The cost of secondary market apartments is listed in the site directory separately for each item. Here are the main characteristics of housing.

What the company offers
Nowadays people from many countries of Europe and the world are dreaming of buying real estate in Istanbul, so the search for reliable partners is of great importance. First of all, Liga Real Estate is distinguished by the following qualities:

  • Lack of meditation. We have submitted proposals from real owners;
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  • Efficiency and safety when concluding a transaction, concluding household contracts with communal services and assisting in a furniture setting (if necessary).

Do not delay your dream for later, contact the real estate agency Liga Real Estate Emlak İnşaat Tur.Tic.İth.İhr.LTD STİ today. Contacts are listed in a special section. Our employees are ready to make a profitable offer to purchase a house in Istanbul right now.