Average life expectancy increases by two years in Turkey

Average life expectancy increases by two years in Turkey


Average life expectancy for Turkish citizens increased by 1.7 years and reached 78 for the years of 2013 and 2014, according to the data released by Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat).

Women statistically outlived men by 5.4 years as average life expectancy stood at 75.3 years for men and 80.7 years for women. In previous statistics released by Turkstat for 2013, average life expectancy was 76.3 in general, with 73.7 years for men and 79.4 years for women.

For 15 year olds, who are at the minimum age to start working, the average remaining life expectancy is 64.3 years in general, 61.6 years for males and 66.9 years for females.

The average remaining life expectancy for people at the age of 50 is 30.6 years in general. This life span is 28.3 years for males while it is 32.9 years for females.

For 65 year olds, the average remaining life span is 17.9 years in general, 16.2 years for males and 19.4 years for females.

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