Dominican Republic

Invest just 26,875 USD to 5-star Luxury Resort with guaranteed 9% rental income per year for 10 years + buy back option with 20% bonus and apply for citizenship of Dominican Republic.


  • We offer full or fractional ownership (freehold) of a 5-star Luxury Resort
  • Guaranteed 9% annual return on your investment from rental fees for a full 10 years, with no service or maintenance fees.
  • Our unique Buy Back/Exit Strategy 10 Year Plan Option, which guarantees you the right to sell your property back to the developer after 10 years for 120% what you paid for it. (for a combined guaranteed return of more than 200% of your purchase price over 10 years)!
  • Annual use of the property for up to 4 weeks in addition to rental returns.
  • Property ownership shares begin at $25,000 USD, and include the right to Dominican Republic citizenship and a passport that will take you to more than 50 countries worldwide. Also, getting visa to USA is much easier with such passport and we will assist you with it.



  • Residency in the Dominican Republic is now the most efficient and cost effective in the world, and is now even easier to achieve through an exclusive arrangement with Palm View Resort. 
  • The Dominican Republic offers full anonymity and generous tax concessions to each successful applicant.
  • Our service team truly puts you on the fast track, with handover of Real Estate within 4 to 6 Months, automatic DR residency in just 45 days, and automatic citizenship (and the right to travel on a DR passport) within 6 to 12 months.
  • Your off-shore finances are never taxed by the Dominican Republic.
  • Permanent residency is not required, nor is any kind of language or citizenship test.
  • This programme is open to investors and families of any nationality.
  • Dominican Republic passport holders may work anywhere within the Caribbean community.
  • Any future children automatically gain the right to a Dominican Republic passport automatically.
  • The Developer Refund Guarantee – If the Dominican Republic refuses your application for any reason, your investment will be returned to you.


FEES since 1.1.2017:


Residency/citizenship legal and processing fees:

Main Applicant: $10,000 (USD)
Spouse: $10,000 (USD)
Each Dependant: $4400 (USD)
(Fees are subject to change, please contact us to confirm the most accurate costs)

Do you have questions? Of course you do! 

This is an exciting opportunity, but you need to know quite a bit more before you can make any decisions. 

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