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It won’t make big difficulties for foreign investors to buy land in Turkey. The plot can be used to build your own house, villa, or a hotel. The land in Turkey is in both state and private ownership. There are no restrictions on the purchase of land plots. Using excellent links with proven landowners, we can pick up the area, a suitable hotel, perform the functions of an interpreter and supervise during construction.

In this direction, we work individually with each client. Of course, when buying land and building a house there are many advantages - choosing the location of the land, the project, materials of decoration, design. The main thing is that you get a new house, which you dreamed of. Each land has its own purpose, which is established by the Legislation. For example, the sale of land in Turkey in the coastal strip near the sea - is prohibited. According to the legislation of Turkey, a coastal strip 50 meters wide is the property of the state.

There are three categories of land in Turkey:

  • Land for agricultural purposes (in Turkish "Tarım arazileri"). As a rule, they are located in the territory of rural municipalities. For them, development plans have not been developed, so these plots can only be used for agriculture, for planting crops, and for creating gardens and fruit and berry plantations.
    In the Certificate of Ownership, in the appropriate column, the land plot should be indicated as "ARAZI". The construction of any facility on these sites is prohibited. However, the status and purpose of these land plots can be changed by local municipalities, in accordance with the needs. It is worth noting that no one can guarantee this because of many factors.
  • Land plots where the construction of residential buildings and commercial facilities is permitted (in Turkish "İmarlı Arsa"). Provided for development. In addition, for these sites, the urban planning department of the local municipality (Belediye imar bölümü) has developed a zoning plan, defined their purpose, the data on land plots are entered in the register of the Cadastre Office. They have a certain infrastructure and are suitable for building. If there is a project corresponding to the functional purpose of the land plot, the relevant authorities may issue permits for construction. In the Certificate of Ownership, in the appropriate box, the land plot should be listed as "ARSA". However, this category of land plots is divided into two main groups: 1) Housing construction (Konut imarlı arsa) - construction of projects, residential complexes, 2) Land for the construction of commercial facilities (Ticari imarlı arsa). They are designed for the construction of shopping centers, shops, small industrial zones, business centers.

In the Certificate of Ownership, the designation of the land plot (Konut imarlı arsa or Ticari imarlı arsa) must be indicated. On the memory intended for the construction of commercial facilities, the construction of residential buildings is prohibited and vice versa.

  • Land plots owned by the state (state treasury) (in Turkish "Hazine arazileri"). Land allocated for agriculture, mineral deposits, quarries, meadows, pasture lands, winter huts). Here, the construction of any objects is prohibited, and they can be obtained from the state only for long-term rent.