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Every year the number of foreign tourists in Turkey increases. That’s why the state is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and moreover, the hotel busyness in Turkey in on the top as never before. Whatever you choose according to your ambitions: five-star-hotel with 400 rooms in a popular tourist district or a small boutique hotel with 8 rooms in Istanbul, buying a hotel in Turkey would be a lot promising investment. Or what if you want to have your own restaurant at the Aegean, Mediterranean, or Black Sea coast? Or maybe you want to buy a business center in Istanbul. Why not?

While buying and managing hotels, commercial real estate in Turkey, there are a lot of specific features that foreigners might not know. If you are seriously thinking about buying a hotel or commercial property for investment, contact our company and we will gladly advise you. We will choose the best options, taking into account each customer's requirement.