After sales service

At the moment when you finally decided to come in new era of your life, after you purchased the property abroad, you already learned so many different things connected with it.  But if you purchasing property with Liga Real Estate help, you never will feel that you are left to the mercy of fate. Our work does not end beyond the office of sales.

Obtaining of TAPU, technical passport, agreements for electricity and water, home phone, internet, ordering gas cylinders, water,  furnishing of the apartment (furniture, white goods, carpets, accessories, dishes) – entrust it our specialists. We will minimize all your cares and we will accompany you in the first time of the adaptation in new home. Also if you have no opportunity personally sign contracts at cadastral management, as well as electricity and water agreements and others, it is possible to left notarized power of attorney to our company name. Power of attorney will make up in Turkish language in notary office in the presence of translator, who will explain you all clauses of the contract, after it, specialists of Liga Real Estate will make up full package of your documents and send it to your home address or DHL post office, or will give you personally when you come next time.

We will give you a personal assistant, who will make the best to turn your moving to Turkey from cares into the pleaser.

Only main formalities, in which we can help you are listed below:

  • Constant contact with the developer about building process;
  • Accompany of deal from the first to the last moment. Help with all formalities connect with purchase and translator service, lower;
  • Obtaining of mortgage credit for the amount missing for the purchase of real estate, opening bank account
  • The choice of the furniture and household appliances. What could be more pleasant than arranging of your own home? In the large variety of the furniture markets and household appliances Liga Real Estate specialists ready to advice you according with your possibilities, preferences and the purpose of real estate.  Somebody has an aristocratic taste and they adore expensive natural materials and Europe brands, another one likes a bright modern style, another wants a cheap furniture for apartment, to rent it out - Liga Real Estate will save your money and time!
  • Exclusive interior design;
  • Repair of your property. If you purchased a secondary real estate that needs to be redecorated, or you want to make some changes by yourself, Liga Real Estate organizes repair and finishing works for every taste with minimal expenses on your part.
  • Registration of the insurance for real estate
  • Registration and renewal of contracts for electricity, gas, water, telephone, Internet, signalization;
  • Assistance in buying or renting a car;
  • Hotel booking for the period of preparing your property for a housewarming;
  • Preparation and submission of documents for a residence permit;
  • Registration of health insurance (Required for obtaining a residence permit);
  • Placement of your children to educational institutions, you and your adults relatives to language courses;
  • Help to rent out your apartment;
  • Payment of utility services during the absence of the owner;
  • We will organize the cleaning of the apartment, the house before arrival, or seasonal general cleaning (washing of apartments, cleaning of the backyard territory).

We work on maintaining and fortification the positive image of our agency for all our clients and we value our reputation. Our experience will allow you to avoid many problems in your life abroad. You can count on long-term cooperation and reliable partners in the face of the Liga Real Estate team and contact us with any question. We are understand very well what does period of adaptation in a new country mean and will be happy to help you overcome this period as soon as possible, and minimize your cares.

Our team
Irina Krylova
Sales Manager
Languages: Russian, English
Bahir Baldzhi
general manager/owner
Languages: Turkish, English, Russian
Kseniya Baldzhi
sales director
Languages: English, Turkish, Russian
Mirza Seferovic
Partner/ Regional sale manager
Languages: Bosnian, Lithuanian, Polish, English
Kama Kurbanova
sales manager and residence permission manager
Languages: Turkish, Russian
Marina Rastrusnaya
Sales Manager
Languages: Russian, English and Turkish
Zehra Karababa
Languages: Turkish
Hikmet Sırkıntı
Languages: Turkish
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